Merredin Police Message

Police in the community.


Merredin Police Officers Senior Constable Gouldthorp and Constable Tucker

 At the 2015 Merredin Show WA Police stand Senior Constable Gouldthorp and Constable Tucker were there with the message ‘A visible presence throughout the community’, Also delivering the DRIVE SAFE message. Especially over the Easter week end that is upon us.

Another wise tip from Senior Constable Gouldthorp was “Be good to your Mother”, We cant argue wi_S2Q0924th that!


WA police Senior Sergeant Erica Silkwood with Hugh Fardell

Senior Sergeant Erica Silkwood assisted Hugh Fardell with his inquiries, Huge seemed keen to get himself a police hat and to know more, showing a lot of interest in the  information booklets available to have a look through.